Delivery terms

General information

Einzelfirma Artmedia24 is a German company that distributes and sells books and journals to subscribers (wholesale and retail). The company is located at: Industriestraße 8, 74589 Satteldorf, Germany. The company was registered under number DE237503449 with Sattelford District Court.

The company’s work is not limited to offline sales. Most of the products reach the buyer through online services. Execution of orders, as well as signing of contracts is carried out only under these conditions, deviations from which are only possible upon confirmation from Artmedia24.

Newspapers, journals, as well as other products of the company are sent to customers at the address they indicate when placing an order. If Artmedia24 has not received information from the client about the change in the actual address, sending to the primary address is absolutely legal and legitimate.

The company can ensure timely dispatch of the goods, subject to timely and uninterrupted dispatch and transportation from Publishing Houses and Trading Houses. In this regard, Artmedia24 takes over non-delivery issues only in case of gross errors on its part or deliberate malfunction. The company is not responsible for non-delivery in the event of hostilities, natural disasters and other unpredictable situations (strikes, damage to transport connections, prohibition of entry and exit from cities or countries, martial law in the country, sanctions, internal orders, etc.). Also Artmedia24 is not responsible in case of other technical situations beyond its control – technical malfunction of computers, viruses, hacker attacks, etc.