Requirements for materials

Before submission of the data for expert evaluation, the author has to be certain of the fact that the data has scientific significance, the study is topical, and that the description is qualitative and is of practical value. The author has to attentively examine the requirements for the data.

General design rules
  1. Times New Roman font;
  2. font size – 12;
  3. spacing between letters is normal;
  4. line spacing – 1.5 pt (one and a half);
  5. new line indent (paragraph) – 1.25 cm;
  6. perimeter margins – 2 cm;
  7. hyphenation – automatically;
  8. A4 page size;
  9. orientation – portrait.
Structural article elements

The heading of the manuscript has to present the topic of the research and its content. It must be brief and laconic.

You must specify:

  1. full name
  2. scientific title
  3. place of work of the author

The abstract must have no subsections. The text must be brief and unhackneyed. Using suggestions in the annotation from the text of the article is unacceptable. At that, the data that are absent in the article cannot be given in the abstract. In the extract, the author cannot make reference to any sources of information, use tables and figures. There must be approximately 350-450 words

There must be approximately 5-10 of keywords. Instead of sentences there must be words or groups of words. It is not necessary to repeat words from the topic of the article.

The basic part of text must be divided into meaningful sections with separate titles to show the main point of that section. Headlines shouldn’t be long: the optimal headline should contain 1-7 words. There must be conclusions in the article with the author (s) conclusion about the data of the study without new facts.

  • Only in Latin!
  • When you prepare a list of references, the English versions of the headings of articles, journals and the names of authors must be used.
  • Keep in mind that for every article used in the bibliography published in Cyrillic (Ukrainian, Russian, etc.) there is a functionary translation of the heading in Latin (English), which is as a rule shown in the table of contents;
  • Bulk of journals have an official name in both Cyrillic and Latin;
  • That is why when preparing a list of references, the English version of the journal name, the English version of the article title (from the table of contents) and the English version of the authors’ surnames must be used;
  • In case of absence of the English version of the heading of the journal and the article, there must be translations into English and indications in square brackets [Published in Russian (Ukrainian)]