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The article I outline the scientific approaches to the formation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Electronic Records management (ERM). The interrelation between them is investigated. The scientific data on the prospects for the development of CRM and ERM are presented on the example of the airline. As a result, I gave the conclusion was made about the features and role of individual information systems in the management of the company.

The purpose of this article is to reveal the essence of CRM and IRM systems in information management, and also to consider the areas of their use in the airline.

The paper is devoted to the crucial problem: the practical implementation of a client-centered business model for the company. Often this process takes the form of more general, global changes in the company, affecting all the main business processes of the company, and not only and not so much the business processes responsible for interaction with customers - sales, marketing, after-sales service. The emergence of CRM is the reaction of business to the increasing demands of customers. Now it is not enough to sell the product or service to the client. They must be sold correctly.

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