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Shachneva E.Yu.


The article presents the results of studies on the use of flocculant «Ammonia» for flocculation treatment of model wastewater solutions. The effect of the nature and concentration of the (poly) electrolyte on the flocculation rate of BAU activated carbon suspensions and silica sand was studied. The values of turbidity, color, reagent activity were determined. Graphic dependences of the described values on the concentration of the introduced reagent are given. The clarification rates of suspensions in the presence of a polyelectrolyte were studied. The values of the initial particle deposition rates are calculated. The dependences of efficiency on the volume of the introduced reagent are presented.

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Shachneva E.Yu. (2022). FEATURES OF THE WASTE WATER TREATMENT PROCESS USING THE «AMMONIA» FLOCULANT. Journal of Engineering and Technology Development Research, 1(1). Retrieved from https://a-publish.com/ojs/index.php/jetdr/article/view/27


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