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Krasinskiy A.Ya.


The control loops of modern mechatronic systems have the potential to implement control algorithms of almost any degree of complexity. However, a necessary condition for their effective use is the availability of an adequate mathematical nonlinear model of the controlled object. The development of methods for creating such models is hampered not so much by the technical complexity of the system under study, as by the fact that often in the study of a specific really functioning device, fundamentally new problems that have never been encountered before in the corresponding theory. Their solution requires research by theoretical specialists on the further development of the relevant areas of analytical mechanics, applications of the nonlinear theory of stability, mathematical control theory with incomplete information, information technologies, etc. would be distant from each other areas of knowledge. However, the use of new results in modern engineering practice is complicated by the fact that methods based on those sections of mathematics, mechanics and control theory that have never been included in the curricula of standard engineering education are used to rigorously substantiate these results. Based on this, one of the main problems, the solution of which, in our opinion, could significantly expand the practical application of the latest results in engineering practice, is the development of such a presentation of algorithms for their qualified application, which does not require a complete understanding of all the abstract-theoretical foundations of their justification.

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