The Journal of Engineering and Technology Development Research (JETDR) is a peer-reviewed electronic publication that covers important topics in engineering and advanced technology. The priority of the journal’s publications is current research by scientists, articles on advances in technology and engineering, review articles that consider trends in this area and offer their own vision of future events. The main target audience of the journal: researchers, engineers, technologists, consultants and people who work in production.

  • The new issue of the journal is published once a month;
  • Frequency: 12 issues per year;
  • Format: А4;
  • All articles are reviewed;
  • Free access to the electronic version of the journal;
  • Information can be submitted in the form of a research article, theoretical article or review article;
  • Articles in English that have not been published anywhere else are accepted for publication; Publications are made in author's edition;
  • Publisher: ArtMedia24;
  • Address: Industriestrasse 8,74589 Satteldorf Germany.

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): Journal of Engineering and Technology Development Research

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