The Journal of Psychology and Pedagogy Research in Modern Realities (JPPRMR)

The journal publishes articles on psychological health, personal qualities and relationships, family and society, physical health of people. It covers psychological and social issues, possible risk factors for a person's psychological health and well-being, and protective factors.

It publishes articles on the interaction of people in the family circle, with peers, neighbors, institutional and social processes. It evaluates programs, policies and systems. He explores the role of people in a social, economic, geographic, cultural and historical perspective.

In the field of education, it offers a forum for theoretically based and relevant applied and empirical research in the field of lifelong learning in an international and comparative context. Preferred subject areas include mixed-age education, non-formal education, open and distance learning, vocational and workplace learning, emerging non-formal education opportunities, lifelong learning, and various applications of the lifelong learning paradigm.

  • The new issue of the journal is published once a month;
  • Frequency: 12 issues per year;
  • Format: А4;
  • All articles are reviewed;
  • Free access to the electronic version of the journal;
  • Information can be submitted in the form of a research article, theoretical article or review article;
  • Articles in English that have not been published anywhere else are accepted for publication; Publications are made in author's edition;
  • Publisher: ArtMedia24;
  • Address: Industriestrasse 8,74589 Satteldorf Germany.

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): Journal of Psychology and Pedagogy Research in Modern Realities

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